we are

We are Forte Film Studio, a full service video production company focused on the collaborative heart of filmmaking. We love working together with people and brands to tell your stories, from 30 second ads to mini-documentaries. Based in Dallas / Fort Worth, and available worldwide.

Aaron Miller


Aaron has always been a creative. Before finding his true calling in film he was a musician, an experience that taught him the collaboration and teamwork needed to make great things and tell great stories.

What we do

Creative Direction

The hardest part of a creative project is knowing where to start. We collaborate with our clients to turn concept into vision, and vision into an executable plan.


Storyboard twice, film once. We put in the work in pre-production so our clients can relax knowing that we will leave the shoot with all of the footage we need to execute our vision. We conceptualize, storyboard, moodboard, script, and plan so our shoots are smooth sailing.

Expert Filmography

We are a scalable, flexible production team. Whether it’s a small run-and-gun shoot or a high production set, we follow through on our planning and our client’s vision with focus and consistency.

Post Production

We follow through with an edit that fits the brand style and vision, color grading that matches our clients’ aesthetic, and high quality audio engineering for a professional finished package.